Monthly Archives: December 2013

when i photograph i'm holding my heart on a hand, afraid for it to fall but feeling every fucking beat. when i photograph my thoughts become a sharp line and i cannot see the end of it. the sharpness makes it vibrate, vibrates within then "wow man" a line with a line without a line, like being vegetarian, "chili con carne sin carne" and my whole self cannot understand, but there i stand, and now i do understand :) I do not why i do understand, but then I'm here with my heart on my left hand the camera on the other, shoot and stroke, and hope for the best.


On my way to the doctor. The voice I have is the voice I broke. Who are you if you don’t recognize your own sounds? I listen to The Microphones, compulsively, constantly and photograph myself as a reflect. Listening to Phill Elvrum (talented instrumentalist/experimentalist) feels like visiting places inside ones self. I’m more introspected, locked. I’m just a reflection, just a shadow, light that sometimes visits. The summer is over and I miss you.