Monthly Archives: December 2011

The other day a friend asked me why didn’t I take pictures like Atget. Later on I realized that I did, somehow. I imagine him walking around Paris, setting the camera and letting the strange magic of time and space be captured as light, and revealed afterwards as something never seen before, that just exists within the picture.

When you are capturing people randomly, on a random place at a random moment in both your life and theirs, you tend to ascribe the emotion within the picture to their state of mind. But then you are wrong, maybe. What sometimes fascinates me about photography is that you can extract pieces of reality and just by doing that make them you own. Now I realize the trees resemble the intricate shape that I’m right now. Without knowing I captured a piece of the world that is just me.

We seem to exist as a stream of light  thats comes out of a dark mass directed to another one. We opened our eyes to a world without really being conscious of doing it, and after a while we repeat the process backwards. Coming from the shadows just to go back again. Then the idea of a loop is triggered in my head, making me realize that both ends of this threat are actually the same one, and that shooting yourself in the face is exactly like doing the exact opposite and viceversa . This is day 0, let it all begin.